President Tom Keer

1st Vice President Will Lund

Secretary Troy Gipps

Treasurer V. Paul Reynolds


One-year term (Expire 2022)

Carey Kish

Peter Picone

Steve Pinkham

Three-year term (Expire 2022)

Matthew Dunlap

Marion Larson

Mike Roche

Three-year term (Expire 2023)

Col. Jim Allard

Matthew Breton

Diane Reynolds

Three-year term (Expire 2024)

R. Todd Corayer

Denny Corriveau

Erin Merrill

Directors at large

Ellie Horwitz

Gary Moore

Directors Emeriti

William F. Carney

Paul Fuller

Stewart Bristol

Richard Pinney

Gary Moore


Executive Secretary 


NEOWA members through the years

The New England Outdoor Writers Association is a group of New England-based professional outdoor communicators dedicated to promoting and supporting conservation, natural resources and our outdoor heritage. Membership benefits include a quarterly newsletter, membership directory, conferences and events, writing and photo competitions and craft improvement opportunities.

NEOWA was established in 1942 by a group of dedicated outdoor writers concerned about natural resources, conservation and our outdoor heritage. NEOWA is the oldest regional outdoor writers organization in America and is a nonprofit, professional and educational organization.

The Purpose of NEOWA:

The New England Outdoor Writers Association Inc. encourages excellence and professionalism within the communication media, covering a wide range of outdoor topics. NEOWA promotes good sportsmanship, wise conservation practices and prudent use of our natural resources. Each year NEOWA awards scholarships to one student from each of the six New England state universities who are majoring in fields related to the outdoors, conservation and the environment.


For more information contact NEOWA at newenglandoutdoorwriters@gmail.com.

Spring Safari 


The NEOWA Board of Directors has decided to suspend the 2021 Spring Safari due to health concerns surrounding the Covid-19 virus. Stay tuned for 2022 events.

Maine Spring Safari